Thursday, September 29, 2011

Untitled 2

One phrase
Two words
Seven letters
They say a multitude of things:
I hate the way you look at me and only see the past.
The way you think you know me and yet only you can grasp
What you knew, who you were, and who you were with.
Well guess what? I was just the kid.
An unofficial byproduct, a zygote of the genes
I was just the reason for the two of you to deem
Expendable, bendable, malleable and a means
To an end, to the end, to the achievement of your dreams
Only guess what? Your dreams were different
They were built upon lies. Built upon the reasons why
She wanted you and then she wanted him.
You wanted the freedom to fly at your whims.
She couldn’t reason the twisting of her mind
You didn’t care, were just looking for a dime-
Bag of mischief, of fantasy, of dare
The only truth you witnessed was of what you were aware
Of nothing, that’s how the story goes. A choice was made
Two paths were taken. If you think that sign says u-turn
You are sadly mistaken.
Why? If only you would ask.
I am standing at those crossroads. I am living those two lives.
Both of them are dreary. Both of them are lies.
One I know the truth. It’s blurry and it’s grim.
Two thinks I’m witless and don’t know the half of it
But I’m standing at these crossroads.
I’m holding tightly to that sign.
I’m screaming for existence.
I’m making it mine.
My fingers clench this sign post.
My message should ring true.
One phrase
Two words
Seven letters
Fuck you.

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